About the Gallery

Life On Wall Art Gallery is India’s first custom art gallery where anybody can get a hand painted canvas customized to any extent, be it subject, canvas size, frame, medium or even budget.

Unlike any other art gallery, at Life On Wall, our aim is to create exactly what our client is looking for. Our three product categories – Custom made portraits, Art for Interiors, Wall Art provide a wide range of choice for anybody to find the perfect art for his requirement. The idea of buying a handmade canvas painting is followed by a number of thoughts regarding the pricing, the style, the artist etc

Our transparent pricing, impeccable quality and hassle free service breaks the complexity for any individual buying art for the first time without having any knowledge in art.

Co-founder and Managing Director

Being co-founder and managing director, Kalyan drives the sales and marketing aspects of Life On Wall Art Gallery, ensuring smooth project execution. He started his career with large private sector multinational IT firms after his B-Tech from NITK Surathkal and has more than 8 years experience in this industry. Since the beginning of his career, he has been more interested in the business side of IT and its impact on the end consumer. His tryst with art began with his wife, Parbbonni, when he realized the need for custom made art in one of the early art projects. He believes, a buyer should be able to relate to the art he pays for, and that too at an affordable price

Co-founder and Design Director

Being the co-founder and design director of Life On Wall Art Gallery, Parbbonni looks after the design aspects of any custom art project. With a Bachelor degree in Architecture, and having 8 years of experience in art and design, she considers herself, first and foremost an artist. Her interest in art began as a child, and she developed artistic skills just as she learnt how to read and write. She has been painting since childhood, and today is an accomplished artist with great aesthetic eye for décor. During her career in Architecture, she got introduced to the world of graphic design, and worked with a few renowned organizations. But soon, she decided to pursue her passion, although she never stopped painting all this while. Her artworks have an inclination towards abstraction, in varied mediums and with a wide range of subjects.